Why Dubai airport recorded 70% dip in passenger traffic in 2020

Dubai airport

Dubai airport records 70% dip in passenger traffic in 2020

Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic and the seventh-busiest cargo airport in the world, recorded a drop in the number of travellers that passed through it from about 86 million in 2019 to 25.9 million in 2020.

A dip in passenger traffic of 70% was reported by the airport, mainly due to last year’s global closures and travel restrictions induced by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Emirate of Dubai, one of the seven that make up the United Arab Emirates, temporarily closed its airport and suspended flights in early 2020 to curb the spread of the coronavirus.


“The number of travellers that passed through the major transit hub fell from more than 86 million in 2019 to 25.9 million in 2020,” CGTN news reorts.

According to the CGTN news report, “’Dubai International Airport had seen its first dip in traffic in 20 years in 2019, when the number of travellers fell by 3.1 percent, but the hub remained the world’s busiest for international passengers”.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports said In the past year, we have witnessed the most difficult circumstances the travel industry has ever faced. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt not only in our sector, but across the entire world.”

Global air passenger traffic plunged by an unprecedented 66% last year owing to travel restrictions imposed during the pandemic, International Air Transport Association (IATA) said.

The largest number of passengers at the Dubai airport last year, came from India with 4.3 million Indians travelling through the hub while the United Kingdom came second with 1.89 million British passengers entering the airport.

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