The FBI has finally unlocked iPhone 11 Pro.

The FBI has successfully unlocked an iPhone 11 Pro. Does this cast doubt on claims it needs Apple’s help in the Florida mass shooter case?

The FBI/DOJ doesn’t need apple’s help to access one device. They have tools like the Cellbrite system to do that. What they want is a security bypass that allows full unencrypted access to the device.

Apple knows two things about this bypass. First is that it WILL be misused by the FBI / DOJ/government. These are just people who do all the same stupid sh*t that people do.

And abusing open doors or god mode on devices is nothing new. Second, once this tool is released, it WILL get out into the wild and be abused by anyone who can get ahold of the tool.

“So Apple says nope, we’re not doing that. Good for them.

Source Quora

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