Business Idea: 11 Simple Ways To Make Money In Africa


10 Easiest Ways To Make Daily Income In Africa


The easiest ways to make money in Africa both Online and Offline 


1: Open a club

If you are based in Cape town South Africa or Lagos in Nigeria mostly an area situated in a school environment anywhere in the countries in Africa, you will observe that Africans prioritize fun the same way they prioritize food. Millions are made in the club every weekend and if you are thinking of how to make money fast in Africa, then opening a club is one of the simplest ways of making money you should consider.

The prices of drinks are ridiculously fixed and people would gladly buy them for the show of class, extra rate is given for the VIP lounge and VVIP as well. Shows will be hosted where the club owners will bring in DJs and artists with influence to pull a crowd and they will also make extra money by selling tickets.



2: Selling of Quality Second Hand Clothes.

A bale (Bag) of first-grade quality men’s second-hand shirts costs $100 – $120 of which contains over 120 units of shirts to sell. you can sell each shirt for the rate of $3 – $4 per shirt, you could be making up to Double the expenditure of $230 – $240 on a bale (bag) in few days. second-hand clothing business is a fast way to make money in Africa and getting a good location will increase the sales.



3: Learn Crypto Daily Trading

Crypto trading is different from crypto investment. While crypto investment is the easiest way to make money in Nigeria in the long run, crypto day trading is a faster way to make money in Nigeria. But crypto day trading requires you to register on exchanges like Binance and learn how to trade currency pairs using Binance futures. You also need to learn basic price action and fundamental analysis, with the help of robots it can reduse your lossing chances and help to make more cash even while you are at sleep. “Once you are equipped with the technical knowledge of day trading, you could be making dollars every day from the comfort of your phone or computer.



4: Start Uber or Bolt Business

Uber or bolt business is the new cash cow to make fast money in Afica easily without stress. All you need is a good fuel economy car and to be approved into the uber or bolt partnership program. Once you fuel your car and hit the road, orders will start coming in easily and effortlessly.

“The payment is fast and you get to schedule your work independently. A lot of people have made millions from uber business either as their main hustle or side hustle. So if you are thinking of how to make money fast in Africa, uber or bolt is the easiest way for you provided you already have a start-up capital to buy a car, or maybe you already own one.



5: Bureau De Change Business

Bureau de change business is an easy way to make money in Africa without stress. To make money fast with this business, you can start with as low as $400 to buy dollars at a favorable price.



6: Start A POS (point of sale) Business

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 POS businesses have become the people’s favorite means to make money fast in Africa and it’s no doubt one of the easiest ways to make money for lazy people.

“The good thing about POS business is that there is almost zero risk involved, whether you make sales or not, your capital is still intact with you, you are not buying and reselling any commodity, another thing is that the business is mobile and can be done anywhere even without shop.

“All you need is just a means of awareness to let people know that you operate pos business around and a good start-up capital of at least 100k. Get good market areas to operate in and if you are charging 100naira per 5k withdrawal, you will be making an estimated amount of 2k on each 100k total withdrawal.

“But in a situation whereby someone is making a one time 100k withdrawal, you will be prompted to charge just 1k for that 100k withdrawal which is still profitable to you because now you will have to go to the bank and withdraw the 100k back and reuse it to make another 2k that same day.

“So for someone with a large capital of 1million naira and a populated commercial area, you could be raking in 20k profit daily. Therefore, pos business is a fast way to make money in Nigeria and even though the business is now saturated, the market is there and it keeps growing every day because busy business people don’t have time to queue on atm stands or banks all day long.



7: Build or Resell Shops In A Market Areas

The easiest ways to make money are incomplete without real estate on the list of ways, simple enough, we are not talking about a tens of thousand of dollar in real estate project but just a few hundreds of dollar down the line, and your money-making streams will be on autopilot. So how do we make money fast by building or reselling rented shops?

The first method is a life long term business and requires more money to set up, you will need to secure a land space of half plots of land at least in a populated market area, build a story shopping complex enough to size 10-12 shops which will be rented out for $400 – 600 yearly depending on the location.

The second method is the pay 5 years’ rent for newly built shops and based on agreement with the building owner you can resize the shops into smaller sizes to get more number of shops and then resell each shop at a higher price from the original price you rented each. This way you will be making more from the additional cost on the rent and the additional number of shops you got from resizing the shops.



8: Be An Expert In Digital Marketing

The only major investment you need to make before making fast money doing digital marketing in Africa is to invest in your knowledge and be an expert. The moment you become an expert in digital marketing, it will be easy for you to make fast money because local and international companies will request your service and would be willing to pay a premium price for it.

During elections also, politicians will also need your service and you know these people spend a lot on campaigns and public awareness so come rain, come sunshine, digital marketing will always be your holy grail for making fast money in Africa.



9: Start A Poultry

Between 2019 and 2021, the price of eggs has gone up from $0.2 cent  to $0.5 cent in dollars and so has the demand for eggs skyrocketed. There is hardly any fast food in Africa that doesn’t have either egg or chicken included in making it, apart from that people also eat and use eggs on a daily basis to the extent that most western states are now transporting eggs to other states due to the high demand.

With a successful poultry business, you are guaranteed to make fast and easy money every blessed day as long as your birds are getting good management and your farm is active. Alth the profit margin may not be large especially for small or medium/sized farms, but daily and consistent money is guaranteed in the poultry business.



10: Start A Water Purification Business (pure water)

The pure water company is probably the cheapest manufacturing business anyone can build to start making fast money in Africa. Apart from the fixed cost of land, building, and packaging machines, the pure water business is like getting paid to pump free water from the earth.

The cost of operation basically covers buying of nylons, paying staff, and fueling your delivery truck but that still does negatively the fact that there is no actual payment for the free water being pumped. You only pay for the packaging and delivery and if the quality of your water is good, you can easily beat your existing competitors.



11: Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the easiest way to make money on the internet today, with the help of a programmer who will develop the blog, all you need to do is for you to pick an interest in a niche of your choice. ranging from sport, business, entertainment, education, scholarship, insurance, Health etc.

Get your self a working computer system (Laptop) and a means to the internet network, write article daily on your chosen niche and publish them. when you have written  over 10 articles apply to Google for adsense serving, when your site is approved, you will be getting paid in difference currecy  Dollar Pounds or Euro, the more you write the more you get paid.

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