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Easiest Ways to migrate to Canada from India



With the right information, you can easily move to Canada without breaking any laws. Transfer is an ancient practice and part of human nature. As you may have noticed, people don’t just move. They do so based on certain reasons. And the main ones among them are:

To escape violence: people whose lives are in danger due to war or conflict are often motivated to find a peaceful existence elsewhere. If you live in the terrified part of the country, you will easily identify with this.

To escape poverty: this is the most common reason for emigration . Thousands of Indian move to Canada each year due to the high levels of unemployment and poverty in the country. In fact, Indians are moving to countries that offer better financial rewards for hard work, and Canada is a favorite.

To access better medical care: Imagine living in a country where no one trusts the health system due to poor facilities and medical personnel.
To obtain a quality education: Education in Canada, the United States and many European countries is one of the best and cannot be compared with what can be obtained in India. Obtaining a quality education has inspired people with the financial means to travel abroad.

Other reasons for moving are: marriage, family reunification, and job opportunities.

If you are still reading this article, only you know the reasons why you want to move to Canada. But whatever the reason, below are the legal forms of transfer:

Study in Canada and Get Permanent Residency
Getting a stay, as is often said, is quite easy when you travel to Canada as an international student. “Obtaining a stay” in this case translates into obtaining permanent residence and, consequently, citizenship in Canada.

Unlike other legal means of relocating to Canada, migration as an international student does not require you to obtain a job offer from a Canada-based institution.

There are several programs that allow international students to apply for residency upon completion of their studies. The paths from student visa holder to permanent resident status in Canada are:

1- Get a study program of your choice and use the letter of admission to get a student visa.

2- Work up to 20 hours per week during the academic session and work full time during the break (you have the right as a student).

3- Take your spouse through a Canadian government program called a full-time open work permit. Your spouse can work full time, without restrictions.

4- Get your work permit after graduation. You are entitled to a permit for the number of years of study in Canada. This means that if you study a three year course, you are entitled to a three year work permit which will allow you to work in Canada and collect what is called the “Canadian experience”. You will then use it to apply for residency.

5- Get your residency through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The Canadian work experience you gained through the Graduate Work Program qualifies you for it.

Relocate to Canada through Federal Skilled Worker
Another way to legally migrate to Canada is through a program called a federal skilled worker.

Federal Skilled Worker is an immigration program, set up by the Canadian government to receive foreign nationals in Canada as permanent residents. Candidates are selected based on their age, education, work experience, English test, adaptability and job opportunities in Canada.

If you get 67 points after the assessments, you can qualify through the program. The beauty of the program is that you can rate yourself to make sure you get the necessary grade before investing in the application process.

Apply for a Canadian Work Permit from Indian
You can relocate to Canada if you can secure a job offer from a Canadian company. According to canadavisa.com, over 300,000 foreign workers come to Canada yearly on temporary work permit.

Work permit is the easiest type of visa to secure as you would not be subjected to the scrutiny that a normal visitor or tourist visa applicant undergoes. It is almost guaranteed, you only need to have an employment letter from a company in Canada.

Although getting an employment offer from Canada is not easy, it is entirely possible. It just requires sending your resume to as many companies as possible in Canada. If you get lucky, one of them would give you an appointment for a Skype-based interview where you will have the opportunity to sell yourself.

After a successful interview, an employment contract would be sent to you for your work permit application. Below is the pathway to securing a temporary work permit to Canada from India;

1- Secure a job by applying for jobs to Canadian companies through LinkedIn, indeed, Canada Jobs and so on.

2- Employer applies for Labor market impact assessment. If successful then;

3- Employer sends an employment letter.

4- You apply for a temporary work permit at the Canadian embassy in Indian.

5- Work permit is issued.

So far!  So Good!, we have looked into the best ways to migrate legally Canada. But we would like to stress that we don’t encourage migrating to Canada illegally. Such as overstaying a visitor’s visa or making false asylum claims.

Engaging in such practices makes visa application process more and more difficult for other Indians who also have the intention of moving to Canada or just visiting for tourism or business.

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